Warm Up to a Hot Stone Massage

Warm Up to a Hot Stone Massage

Loosen your muscles in Oklahoma City, OK

Feeling tense? Is there a tightness in your shoulders that just won’t go away? Petras Massage Therapy in Oklahoma City, OK can work out your stiff muscles with hot stone therapy. We’ll place heated stones along your body to target specific muscles and areas of tension. The heat from the stones will help your muscles relax, allowing for easier manipulation of the muscles during a massage.

Release the tension in your shoulders from typing at your desk at work. Relieve the pain in your joints from old athletic injuries. Call now to learn more about hot stone massages.

4 reasons to get a hot stone massage

  1. Release muscle tension from your work week
  2. Strengthen your immune system and enhance digestion through improved circulation
  3. Get a better night’s sleep with relaxed muscles
  4. Reduce pain from stress, injuries and fatigue

Choose Petras Massage Therapy to improve your mental and physical health with a hot stone massage!