cellulite removal oklahoma city

Choose the Weight Loss Service That Works

Get rid of rolls and cellulite with Cellulite Paddles in Oklahoma City, OK

We’re all familiar with those stubborn, cottage cheese-like patches of cellulite. But you can get rid of them with green cellulite paddles. These brush-like devices stimulate the skin to firm it up, thus reducing the appearance of stubborn cellulite. When you schedule a cellulite removal service at Petras Massage Therapy, our technicians will apply the paddles to your affected areas. You’ll have to see the results to believe them.

When diet and exercise doesn’t work to remove your cellulite, call Petras Massage Therapy at 405-205-4876 to schedule a cellulite removal treatment in Oklahoma City, OK.

cellulite removal oklahoma city

Remove wrinkles and fat with Infrared Laser Lipo in Oklahoma City, OK

Petras Massage Therapy also employs an advanced liposuction treatment that uses infrared lighting to reduce fat and wrinkles. Smooth your skin and appear younger in as little as one treatment!

To learn more about how you can tighten your skin and reduce fat cells with infrared laser lipo, click the image or call 405-205-4876.

cellulite removal oklahoma city

Shed inches off with Vevazz Laser Light Lipo in Oklahoma City, OK

If you want to avoid surgery, pain and risk of scarring, you should opt for our star treatment, Vevazz laser light lipo. This process targets subcutaneous fat cells inside your skin, burning away fat where it is applied. You can tone stubborn areas, such as your waist, hips, thighs, arms and belly. You’re going to be amazed at how toned and beautiful your body will look. You can lose 2-5 dress or pant sizes in just 42 days!

Call Petras Massage Therapy at 405-205-4876 or click the photo to learn more.

cellulite removal oklahoma city

Lose inches and cellulite with Body Wraps: Oklahoma City, OK

If you are tired of dieting and exercising without seeing results, try incorporating our body wraps into your weight loss program. They can help you keep those fat bulges, which result in dimpled skin, under control. They feel cozy and help you tighten and contour skin from head to toe. You may miss some areas in your other treatments, so get a dose of vitamins and minerals for your entire body. The body wrap can encourage your skin to form collagen.

Call Petras Massage Therapy at 405-205-4876 or click the image to learn how body wraps can help you get rid of cellulite and excess inches in Oklahoma City, OK.