Have You Seen Your Back Lately?

Have You Seen Your Back Lately?

Pamper the far reaches of your back and bottoms of your feet!

Your feet and back are probably the last parts of your body that you think about. You can’t see your entire back directly, you use a scrub brush to wash it daily and it’s very seldom exposed. Your feet are generally covered by your socks and shoes and they remain far below eye level all day.

It’s understandable that people tend to neglect the care of their feet and backs. Petras Massage Therapy in Oklahoma City, OK can give your back and feet the royal treatment with targeted facials that include soaking, scrubbing, masking and massaging.

Treat your aching back & feet

Your back and feet work hard to keep you going every day. Your back allows you to stand tall and engage in daily activities that keep your feet mobile. Treat your back and feet to a facial! Here are a few of the ways that back and feet facials can benefit you:

  • Scrubbing your feet reduces callouses and dead skin
  • Exfoliating your back helps to minimize clogged pores and breakouts
  • Masking helps to remove toxins and oils from your back and feet

Choose Petras Massage Therapy & Weight Loss Clinic in Oklahoma City, OK to give your feet and back the treatment and care they deserve. Contact us today to schedule your facial


1. Seaweed Face Mud Detox Mask
2. Red Clay Anti-Wrinkle
3. Green Tea Purification
4. White French Clay Nourishment
5. Dead Sea Mud Anti-Acne
6. Face Mud Mask