Cellulite Paddles

97% Success Rate

Smooth The Cellulite That Diet & Exercise Can’t Reach

Diet and exercise may not always reach those stubborn patches of cellulite. Cellulite creates a cottage cheese-like appearance due to uneven fat deposits beneath the skin. This causes a dimpled texture, making a person appear to carry more weight. Instead of hiding or covering up problem areas like the backs of your thighs, get rid of it with laser light lipo paddles. 

Green Light Paddles Target Problem Areas

Green light paddles target problem areas like the backs of your thighs with laser light lipo technology that smooths the appearance of cellulite in minutes. These brush-like paddles stimulate and firm the skin in targeted areas. The results are immediate because it directly intervenes in the appearance of cellulite. 

Schedule a cellulite removal service at Petra’s Massage Therapy. Smooth the appearance of cellulite in just a few minutes. 

Vevazz Laser Light Lipo Therapy

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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