couples massage oklahoma city

Good Things Come in Pairs

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If you're part of a large family, group of friends or co-workers, you know that tension can build quickly. Disagreements happen, personalities clash, messages are misinterpreted. What you might need is an opportunity to share a relaxing and rejuvenating massage. We can set up candles to make the setting more romantic for a couple's massage or play music that your team enjoys listening to. Petras Massage Therapy in Oklahoma City, OK offers couple's massages and group massages for couples or parties looking to bond, relax or simply enjoy one another's company.

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couples massage oklahoma city

There are multiple reasons why someone may want to get a couple's massage. Whether you are looking to become closer to someone you love or enjoy a bonding experience with a friend or relative, this option may be great for you! Some great occasions to get a couple's massage may include but aren't limited to:

• A wedding gift
• Anniversary
• Birthday
• Family reunion
• Simply just because!

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couples massage oklahoma city

Benefits of Couple Massage

For love duos, the benefits of a couple’s massage outweigh the drawbacks. Here are some of the benefits when you and your partner share an experience together:

1. Adding Novelty. When it comes to maintaining a strong, thriving relationship, the best practice is to infuse the dynamic with new activities constantly. When you try new things together, you ensure that neither of you get bored. Not only does trying something new together help cement the bond you have—it can build more rewarding connections. You may discover something new about your partner in the way they respond to the novelty.

2. Enjoying the Present. Nowadays, people are easily distracted, with cell phones, tablets and other technology competing for attention. Often times, the reward of using the technology does not outweigh the greater, deeper satisfaction inherent in staying connected to the present moment. Enjoy an opportunity to get you and your partner to engage the present, without the nagging immediacy a comment like ‘get off your phone’ generates. When you get a massage together, you can enjoy the present easier.

3. Increasing Affection and Good Feelings. When you share a massage together, you do something pleasurable and stimulating. Receiving a massage floods the brain with good feelings due to release of dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin.

4. Spending Time Together. Given how busy people are, it can be difficult to schedule me-time and social time alike. The same goes for prioritizing romantic time or time for a relationship. A couple’s massage is a good way to ensure you get your own pampering and the attention you crave from your romantic partner. It’s a two-in-one.

5. Increasing Comfort. We know that undressing for a massage may be nerve-wracking, especially for first-timers. When you get a massage next to your partner, you may find it is easier to relax and trust the process. Next time you come in for a solo massage, you will be ready.

6. Reinforcing Healthy Habits. A massage can be a great time to reduce stress, tension, stiffness, soreness and a host of medical problems. When you receive a couple’s massage, you can enjoy a healthy activity together that encourages more healthy activities in a positive feedback loop. After all, why would you try to pile on more stress after receiving a massage?

7. Inspiring Intimacy. When you receive a massage with your partner, you may think about the intimacy you share with your partner. The massage can loosen your muscles and treat pain so you feel ready to engage your partner after the couple’s massage.

What You Can Expect During a Couple's Massage

You will receive a massage in the same room yet separate from your partner. Two separate massage therapists will work on your bodies, but you will be an arm's length away from your partner. While you may not get to actively interact with your partner, you will be close and have the comfort knowing they are right by your side.

Our Massages are Great for Platonic Couples, Too

There is nothing inherently romantic about our couple's massage, so if you want to rekindle with an old pal, spend a mother-daughter day or even have fun with a co-worker, then couple's massage is a great idea. You will love the liberating feeling of receiving human touch that rebalances your muscles, much like a chiropractor can align your spine.

Couple's Massage and the Benefit of Mindfulness

Mindfulness, or attention that is non-judgmental, focused and present, is a higher order of thinking. Cultivating mindfulness is challenging, as it involves creating a space for yourself in the world and accepting happiness. Instead of being reactive and unhappy, being mindful is about being peaceful and satisfied. Getting a massage can promote mindfulness, allowing you to feel in control of your life and emotions. You may learn to pay attention to every sensation as you receive a massage, and truly appreciate the therapist connecting with you. Getting a couple's massage can teach you and your partner to examine your thoughts and feelings from a secure place, so you can react with curiosity and gratitude when you interact with your partner. Learning how to acknowledge a feeling and accept it without needing to explore it further is an important skill for a relationship, as you begin to avoid unnecessary argumentation or automatic, fear-based responses.

couples massage oklahoma city

Treat a Loved One

Did you know that being altruistic and spending money on a loved one can make you feel wonderful too? Give the gift of a massage AND participate in the experience you extend to your loved one. Share the couple's massage to ensure you and your loved one have the time of your life.

If you believe that a couple's massage is a great option for you, then you might consider coming to Petra's Massage Therapy and Weight Loss Clinic in beautiful Oklahoma City, OK! Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you very soon!