Laser Weight Loss 101

Until recently, liposuction was the only way to treat obesity and lose weight quickly. Liposuction was great for being the only option available at the time, but it was not without its drawbacks. Classic liposuction uses harsh suction techniques that are hard on the body and can potentially cause problems down the road. The most common problem created by liposuction is that the skin sometimes has large areas that sag afterward because the skin can’t compensate for the sudden and dramatic loss of content.


Modern technology has developed to a point where we no longer need to use harsh surgical techniques like classic liposuction. Recently, a weight loss solution known as laser weight loss has started to grow in popularity. Laser weight loss is known for being safer, less invasive, and for having little to no side effects — especially compared to traditional liposuction.


Types of Laser Lipo

There are many different laser weight loss options out there, and there are more and more being added to the mix every day. Some different kinds of laser weight loss also go by the title of “body sculpting,” “laser-like liposuction,” and “laser-like weight loss.” Here at Petra’s Massage Therapy & Weightloss Clinic in Oklahoma City, the only laser lipo method we employ is called Vevazz Lipo (which we will go into more detail about later), but here are a few different popular laser weight loss techniques.



I-Lipo is a laser weight loss treatment that uses pads that are placed directly on the skin. Within each pad is around 30 individual laser producing devices that are used to target the specific area of the body that has the hard-to-target fat. With I-Lipo, you are typically exposed to the lasers for between 10–20 minutes. Like most laser weight loss treatments, it is recommended that you return twice a week for the next few weeks to see the best results.



Zerona is similar to I-Lipo in the way that it uses areas with multiple lasers to target a specific area. However, Zerona is a laser weight loss method where there is no physical contact between the laser producing diodes and your skin. Additionally, Zerona only uses five diodes rather than the 30 plus used by I-Lipo. Zerona has the same recommended use as I-Lipo that suggests that you go back for more treatment twice a week for roughly the next four weeks.



Vevazz is the preferred method of Petra’s Massage Therapy & Weightloss Clinic in Oklahoma City. Unlike the other two methods, Vevazz uses laser light lipo to help you to help give you targeted and refined weight loss treatment. With Vevazz, you lie in a large machine that looks very similar to a tanning bed, and that’s it  — it’s as easy as that. No complicated pads, diodes, or pain involved. Different treatment schedules are recommended on a case-by-case basis, but generally, Vevazz treatments are recommended to be done a few times a week for 48 days. Each Vevazz laser lipo treatment only takes between 10 and 20 minutes to complete. Also, Vevazz is approved by the FDA as a safe form of non-invasive liposuction.


If you live in the Oklahoma City area and have any questions or are interested in giving Vevazz a try, contact us at Petra’s Massage Therapy & Weightloss Clinic here!


How does laser weight loss work?

Most types of laser weight loss methods all work the same way. In a way, the laser or light acts as a type of shrink ray. This shrink ray specifically targets your fat cells and reduces their size. Laser lipo does this by forcing your fat cells to release their stored glycerols and fatty acids. Your fat cells release these materials into your body and your body gets rid of the extra resources naturally. As your cells release fatty acids and glycerols, your cells will be reduced in size. This all comes together to get you weight loss results quickly, safely, and painlessly.


Laser weight loss treatments also yield impressive results in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite can appear on even people with thin bodies and is very tricky to get rid of. Treatments like Vevazz at Petra’s Massage Therapy & Weightloss Clinic in Oklahoma City have been shown to tackle the appearance of cellulite on people of all body types with ease.


Laser lipo is the next evolution in rapid weight loss and is far superior to the way we used to do liposuction because there is no skin sag afterward, no downtime for recovery and pain, it’s a non-invasive procedure that takes less than 20 minutes, and so much more.


Laser weight loss might not be right for each person and their unique situation. Make sure to consult an expert before starting a laser lipo. Also, if you are in Oklahoma City and are interested in a Vevazz laser lipo treatment, therapeutic massage, naturopathic medicine services, and more visit Petra’s Massage Therapy & Weightloss Clinic today!