How To Prepare For Your Massage

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Anxious about your massage? We understand. Massages are wonderful and a special treat. Perhaps you are in pain and are worried your therapist will amplify it. Our therapists at Petra's are licensed and experienced, so you don't need to fear that they will disregard your body's needs. You can expect a quality massage. Still, we recommend a few things to prepare for.

Don't Eat Right Before a Massage

When you receive a massage, you are basically receiving a workout. Muscle manipulation can lead to microtears and soreness later on. So just as you would not eat right before a workout, we advise you to put about an hour or so between your meal and your massage. This can help decrease digestive discomfort, as well as allow you to focus on your massage.

Massages can stimulate digestion, as your body is in a more relaxed mode and focuses on its essential functions. If you want to ensure your comfort, try to abstain from eating right beforehand.

Come on Time

We want you to decompress from your day-to-day stressors. If you rush to get to our location, you may feel overwhelmed. It may be harder for you to unwind and get the full therapeutic effects from your massage.

In addition to arriving on time, we encourage you to schedule during a time that you will fully appreciate your massage. If you want to really decompress, we recommend scheduling after your long school or work day. If you hope to stimulate your senses, you might benefit from a morning appointment. The timing is up to you.

Relax, Don't Resist

When you're receiving a massage, you may feel pressure to tense up. Sometimes this results from specific actions on your muscles. But mostly, this is mental. If you want to reap the full benefits of your massage, such as stress reduction, you should slightly let down your guard. Our therapists can better manipulate your muscles when you are not anticipating their next move. Also, do not hold in your breath. Breathing evenly and deeply will help deliver oxygen to your tired muscles.

With this advice noted, you should voice any action that hurts you. While working out knots predictably creates pain, you should not have to bear down if you can't stand it. Your massage is all about you, and it certainly shouldn't hurt.


While you generally want to calm your body and mind by keeping still, you may feel you need to say something to your therapist. As previously mentioned, pain may create discomfort. Your therapist is receptive to your needs and is generally aware of what your body needs before you even realize, due to their extensive training and experience. But if you feel something becomes unbearable, you should let her know. You can't always assume they know what you need.

Also, you should tell your therapist if you want a more intense or more gentle massage. During it, you should flag any movements that feel particularly good. We want you to leave feeling like you have a younger, lighter body. The best way to achieve full relaxation is to establish good communication with your therapist.

Although massages are intended to provide numerous benefits (see Massage Therapy), you may become dehydrated post-massage. Your muscles basically exercised and you therefore should replenish your water supply. In addition, you may feel slightly light-headed. Do not rush out of Petra's but gradually and slowly ease your way out. Your muscles received a treatment, and you should be mindful that your body may feel different than before your massage.

After your massage, you may note a decrease in heart rate, looser-feeling muscles, lowered blood pressure and increased feeling of relief. In order to prolong these effects, try to avoid immediately engaging in a stressful activity, such as traveling far, getting on the cellphone or whatever distresses you personally. You made a sure investment in your health; enjoy the benefits!

If you haven't scheduled your massage yet, contact us at (405) 205-5876. We can help you take much-needed time off and soothe your mind and body!