natural approach to wellness

Naturopathy aims to locate the root problem of your wellness concerns. This allows for the treatment of the whole body, rather than medicating or suppressing localized symptoms. Petra, a traditional naturopathic doctor, educates clients about the body’s healing ability in order to provide patients with fresh insight and a knowledge of natural ways to defend against illnesses before they begin.

At Petra’s Massage and Weightloss Clinic, we use a variety of natural approaches to wellness from light therapy to detox and more. Our Traditional Naturopathic Practitioners recommend natural supplements, nutrition plans and herbal supplements to help increase your overall health. 

Together with Petra’s help, you are able to choose the therapies that best meet your wellness goals.

Weight Loss

Stress & Wellness: Melt Away  Stress

Stress is most often connected to the ‘fight or flight’ response, intended to help identify threats. Stress becomes problematic when it affects too much of our daily tasks. Increased heart rate and blood pressure are the results of stress that aren’t properly released. Managing stress is imperative to help the body return to its natural, relaxed state of being.

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Red Light Therapy

Ion Foot Detox

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