red light therapy oklahoma city

Red Light Therapy Oklahoma City

Red light is a low-light wavelength that can penetrate your skin. In doing so, it can stimulate tissue recovery. Light can even stimulate collagen production and trigger blood flow. At Petra's, we use this therapy for weight loss and our photon facial, but the benefits go far beyond.

Red light therapy is a powerful tool, partly due to the power of light and also due to the stimulating effects of the color red. While it may seem folkloric in its ability to heal, several clinical studies back its efficacy in treating various health problems such as joint pain and slow-healing wounds. The mechanism may not be known, but the clinical results show improvement in a range of health and appearance-related problems.

Put simply, it is a low-powered wavelength that enters the skin and does not produce heat nor pain. At the cellular level, skin absorbs the red light down to about eight millimeters. Because of its proximity, it can positively impact metabolic and nervous system processes.

Contrary to ideas about red light, this technology is safe and has been used for over half a century as a medical laser treatment. Moreover, red light therapy is technically low-level laser therapy, so it is less intense than laser procedures in terms of energy density. Much research attests to its therapeutic uses for the immune and endocrine systems. For health and cosmetic benefits, red light therapy is one of the safest procedures.

Red light therapy is helpful in making your skin clear up and regain the elasticity of your youth. Among its anti-aging effects are tightening the skin and repairing damaged tissue. One such cause it addresses is cellulite. By stimulating new collagen production, cellulite may appear less noticeable following a red light therapy treatment.

What Cosmetic Problems Does Red Light Address?

Red light therapy can help minimize the appearance of wrinkles, acne, skin pigmentation and thin, weak hair. With its wide utility, red light therapy may be able to address any skin problem you have.

Red light therapy can make a positive difference in the body’s health. It can increase energy levels, stimulate blood flow and circulation, develop new blood vessels, improve collagen and fibroblast production, restore damaged soft tissue, manage inflammation and decrease free radical damage. One interesting effect, and a core component of our cellulite treatment, is its activation of the lymphatic system. This bodily function is responsible for carrying waste and toxins out of the body, including managing fat.

Red light can work to stimulate skin without relying heavily on inflammatory action. Unlike arguably more invasive procedures such as laser treatments (e.g. intense pulsed light), red light therapy works to directly stimulate regeneration in skin. Instead of using heat to create inflammation (the body’s healing response) that then affects the skin, red light can stimulate skin and immune cells directly.

When it comes to aesthetic issues like wrinkles and cellulite, red light therapy can work non-thermally and atraumatically to trigger skin tissue. Results show people undergoing red light therapy can even witness higher intradermal collagen as well as better skin tone and texture.

If you come in for our cellulite paddles, you may experience other unintended, positive health benefits. Although we mainly use red light therapy for weight loss and skin improvement, it is interesting to note its other applications. Red light therapy can treat rheumatoid arthritis symptoms without bad side effects, so if joint pain is an issue, you may experience a reduction in pain. If you’re wondering how red light accomplishes this, it’s because it rejuvenates cells, stimulates circulation, lowers oxidative damage and modulates inflammation. Not bad!

Red light therapy, by directing concentrated red wavelengths, can stimulate energy in the body. That’s at least what Eastern medicine claims. Just think about how the color red makes you feel. If you also agree it has an energizing impact and is a color of vitality and passion, you might consider that the body may also receive secondary benefits from exposure to red. In some patients of red light therapy, increase in self-confidence, positivity and other positive mental/emotional outcomes occurred with simultaneous decline in depression and fatigue. We cannot guarantee these secondary effects, but we can vouch for the technology that is red light therapy.

Many believe that red light penetrates the skin deeper for more systemic effects, while blue light is more adept at working in oil glands to kill bacteria and thus reduce acne. Red light does not create heat and friction, while blue light does. Both are phototherapies that use light to treat symptoms of many health and age conditions, which can help acne and skin disorders. We offer both blue and red light cellulite paddles.

It is unclear what the side effects are due to variability in light ranges used as well as patient diversity. More data is required to definitively establish what the common side effects are. However, light is a great therapy when used in moderation and to treat a specific condition, such as treating cellulite.

Why You Should Try Red Light Therapy at Petra’s Massage Therapy & Weightloss Clinic

If you are skeptical of the research or feel this technology is too experimental, know that NASA used infrared lights to grow plants and discovered its potential use with humans and animals. This fascinating research is just one of many reasons why you should try out red light therapy.

We offer many services that use light to stimulate change in the body. For example, our cellulite paddles work to reduce cellulite, while our Vevazz light lipo can help you shed some inches off your waist. Knowing that red light therapy is a safe, reliable technology that can treat both cosmetic problems and health ones should alert you that this treatment can benefit you. Whether you try our infrared sauna or our photon facial laser, know that you are in the right hands at Petra’s. We’ll take care of you and ensure you have an experience that is memorable.