Relax & Enjoy The Warmth Of A Sauna

Feeling worn down? Take a break from the daily grind with a session in our sauna. The warmth and humidity of a sauna (also called a ‘sweat house’) help invigorate the body. This treatment has been used across cultures for thousands of years, and today nearly one in three people in Scandinavian countries use saunas, and they’re often rated the happiest countries in the world.

Saunas raise the skin temperature to around 104 degrees, resulting in improved circulation and cardiovascular health, as well as a positive shift in emotional well-being.

Benefits of Saunas:

  • Relaxed mental state

  • Improved circulation
  • Reduction of Stress
  • Better breathing
  • Relief of skin irriation
  • Lower blood pressure
Weight Loss

Regain a sense of well-being by booking a visit to our sauna

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