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Petra’s Massage Therapy is dedicated to stress reduction Oklahoma City. We know that work, school, family and life circumstances impact the way we feel and in turn our health, day in and day out. Americans experience high levels of stress as it is, with some evidence suggesting women experience more toxic levels on the daily. To tell the difference between good and bad stress reduction Oklahoma City techniques, learn the relationship between stress and wellness.

What is Stress?

Stress is the physiological reaction to circumstances in life, designed to help you perform well. It’s part of the “fight-or-flight” response intended to help you address a threat. Stress becomes a problem when it affects daily tasks such as waiting in traffic, cooking and talking to your boss. The frequent release of hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) to increase your heart rate and blood pressure has effects down the line, especially when the body struggles to return to a more relaxed, natural state. Stress management is difficult but imperative, because excessive stress has been linked to relationship, health and quality of life problems.

stress reduction oklahoma city

Why is Stress a Problem?

Too much stress increase your risks for numerous health conditions, including:
1. Depression
2. Anxiety
3. Weight gain
4. Memory and concentration impairment
5. Digestive problems
6. Heart disease
7. Sleep problems
8. Headaches
What else does stress do? It can put you in regular bad moods, decrease your productivity, erode your relationships and impair your day-to-day routines.

Identify Triggers: What You Can & Cannot Control

If you want to get a grip on stress, you first need to identify what triggers you personally. Some people dislike traffic and get road rage, a stressful response to other cars on the road. Others may feel stressed when they are late to their obligations, such as a scheduled appointment. Even positive events such as initiating a new romantic relationship can be stressful. In some cases, you want to identify the triggers so you can avoid them. This holds true in case of events where you can control the outcome, such as paying bills in a timely manner. Other events, such as an accident, are out of control. These triggers are still important to identify so you can prepare a better response in the event/control your reaction.

What are Consequences of Poor Coping?

People cope with stress in all kinds of ways. Some ways are unknown to us. For example, you may clench your jaws or muscles in your neck and shoulders. You may not realize that you’re doing it, but later soreness and pain can signal that you have been dealing with stress this way. Here are some consequences of poor coping:

  • You may overeat or undereat. Some people turn to food to either punish themselves by avoiding or try to placate themselves by consuming too much. Meanwhile, your exercise regimen may stop or increase to an unhealthy level (where you skip resting).
  • You may feel angry and snip at your coworkers, family members and friends. You may not need a good reason to go off, but the drop of a pin may trigger you to fight.
  • You may feel alone and sad. You might cry unpredictably or seemingly without end. You may surprise yourself with the outburst of emotion.
  • You may develop depression or have a co-existing disorder. Whether stress triggers it to form or stress is more like a symptom of the underlying mental health issue, mental health is also involved.
  • You may be cynical toward others or expect the worst in any situation. The glass may seem half empty, and you may let everyone else know that too.
  • You may be more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with stress. Drug and alcohol use can only worsen the stress.
  • When you’re stressed out, you may turn to ineffective stress reduction methods. They may seem to work but really may add to your stress over time. These may include watching television, using the Internet or playing video games. Screen time can be excessive and detrimental, so it’s important to monitor how often and why you’re using technology.

stress reduction oklahoma city

When you think about stress reduction Oklahoma City, you should think about achieving your basic needs first. Are you eating, sleeping and exercising adequately? Here are some tips in this vein of thought:
1. Sleep 8 hours every night. Try to sleep and wake up at the same time.
2. Eat meals that are nutrient-dense, consisting of whole grains, fiber (vegetables/fruits) and lean protein (chicken, salmon).
3. Try to be physically active everyday, whether it’s walking around the block or going to the gym.
If you’re practicing these and still experience high amounts of stress, turn to other stress relief methods! We recommend scheduling fun and relaxation into your day. Keep it simple and something you know makes you feel good:
1. Form a hobby, like listening to music, reading a book or playing a video game
2. Volunteer to help serve the community
3. Practice relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga
In general, try to be socially active so you are embedded in your social support system. Not only do other people need your company--you need theirs too. Studies show loneliness can harm the health.

If you want to manage your stress better, you should implement a few practices for your immediate benefit. For example, limit self-judgment. Don’t be around people who say negative things and make you think negatively about things. Look for positivity and surround yourself with people with healthy coping mechanisms. They can help you also be more compassionate as you learn better stress management.
You may also express your feelings in writing or with other people regularly. Instead of bottling up your emotions and feeling overwhelmed, talk to people about how you feel and what you want. You may prefer to write in a journal if it’s a private, intimate matter you want off your chest.

Lastly, schedule an appointment at Petra’s Massage Therapy! Our massages can help you feel great, especially knowing you are prioritizing “me-time.” Our massages are well known for stress reduction Oklahoma City.
*None of this is intended as medical advice. If you’re really struggling, you should seek professional counseling.