The Benefits of Laser Weight Loss

If you haven’t heard of laser weight loss before, we have an excellent blog explaining exactly what it is. To sum it up, though, you show up to a center like Petra’s Massage Therapy & Weightloss Clinic in Oklahoma City, about twice a week for the next few months. Each session is only 10–20 minutes long and is easily fit into any schedule. During these sessions, concentrated light or a laser is used to essentially shrink your fat cells. The light reacts with your fat cells in such a way that they release large amounts of glycerols and fatty acids. Over time, the areas that the laser has been focused on start to become toned and lose a lot of their bulk.


There are a number of great benefits to laser weight loss techniques like laser lipo. Some of the main benefits of laser weight loss are:


The process is non-invasive

Laser weight loss techniques like laser lipo are also known as non-invasive liposuction. This is because the laser weight loss process is much like liposuction in the way that it allows you to lose weight in areas when diet and exercise have shown little or no effect. However, that is where the similarities between laser weight loss and liposuction end.


Unlike liposuction, laser lipo does not have any of the negative side effects. Since there is no surgery, cutting, or any other invasive method, laser lipo is considered a non-invasive procedure. This makes it so you have virtually no downtime to recover because there is no procedure to recover from. Also, with laser lipo, your body has time to adjust and react to weight loss. That means that there is no unflattering sagging skin after the procedure is over.


If you are interested in Petra’s Massage Therapy & Weightloss Clinic in Oklahoma City’s laser Vevazz laser lipo program or have any questions surrounding laser lipo, contact us here today.

Reduce the appearance of cellulite

Unfortunately, cellulite can appear on people of all body types — it doesn’t exclusively present itself on heavier-set people. Fortunately, laser lipo has shown to have positive effects on reducing the appearance of cellulite on people of all body types.


This is a great benefit because many men and women suffer from cellulite, and it often does not respond to diet or exercise. This is because, to get rid of cellulite, you must target the toxins in the fat cells by either breaking the connective tissue or shrinking the fat cells. Laser lipo takes care of cellulite due to its fat cell shrinking capabilities.


No more strict dieting

The most obvious and main benefit of laser weight loss is the weight loss aspect. Losing weight is difficult, and can be more difficult for some than others. Even those who make it look easy — like celebrities — have tons of help from dieticians and personal trainers. Laser weight loss is perfect for those that want to lose a few pounds, but don’t want to put in the hours of exercise, meal prepping, and running at a calories deficit. Laser weight loss can help you skip the worst parts of weight loss and reap the rewards of a toned and healthy body.


Laser weight loss is certainly not without its drawbacks as well. Laser weight loss typically works best for those who are:


  • Looking to lose not much more than 25 pounds
  • Looking to target problem areas instead of overall weight loss
  • Are in reasonable health and have good skin


Laser weight loss has a number of other great benefits as well. If you are near or around the Oklahoma City area, contact Petra’s Massage Therapy & Weightloss Clinic to see if you are a good candidate for our Vevazz laser lipo program and change your life today!