vevazz reviews oklahoma city

Vevazz Reviews Oklahoma City

You've Seen the Vevazz Reviews.

Many people claim non-invasive fat loss, cellulite loss, skin tightening, stretch mark and wrinkle disappearance.* All the claims about Vevazz seem too good to be true—how can one system promise so many weight loss-related benefits? The only legitimate way to know that Vevazz works is to consult the research on it, as well as what people who have experienced it say.

FDA Approval Since 2007

First off, the Food and Drug Administration approved Vevazz’s LED Light technology over 10 years ago! The FDA is the regulatory agency deciding what is safe and what is not for consumers. If you’re of the mind that the FDA is too lax compared to other regulatory bodies, know that Vevazz has had approval with Health Canada since 2005 and the European Union since 1990.

How Does Vevazz LED Light Therapy Work?

Before understanding how Vevazz uses light as its primary mode of action, recall how important light is to human biochemistry. Light regulates the mood, generates vitamin D, kills bacteria and parasites and can contribute to wound healing, blood flow and pain management. If you think about it, light is a powerful tool that can aid humans in their quest to accomplish many health goals, such as weight loss. Not convinced? Read the study on Vevazz LED Light Therapy, available online.

Vevazz Scientific Mechanism of Action

Light targets the adipocytes or fat cells. These cells absorb the electromagnetic energy. As a result, transitory pores form on the surfaces of cells. Through these openings, fat cells leak water, glycerol and free fatty acids into the space between fat cells. When releasing these substances into circulation, the fat cells lose their substance. Meanwhile, the free-floating fat contents are metabolized and processed within the body for safe and effective removal.

The system responsible for the proper removal of fat cells is the lymphatic system. Vevazz can help you lose weight through engaging your own body's functions. Unlike coolsculpting, you do not permanently alter your fat cells’ ability to proliferate. Contrary to popular opinion, fat cells are important and not just cosmetic aberrations. To retain fat cells is safe and possible through Vevazz, helping you to avoid uneven weight gain in the future.

vevazz reviews oklahoma city

Side Effects of Similar Weight Loss Technologies*

Some people are reluctant to get light treatments because they compare them to sun beds or other damaging light treatments. Know that LED light devices are distinct in that they do NOT cause damage to cells. In addition, the Vevazz Body Contouring System is different from other weight loss technologies, which can have more serious side effects.* Cavitation and Radio Frequency Machines have had side effects such as nausea, bruising and burning.

In a study entitled ‘Effects of Red Light LED Therapy on Body Contouring” by Vevazz, LLC, Vevazz studied if LED 650nm red light is as effective as laser 650nm red light in contouring the waist, hips and thighs. Patient selection was nonrandom and sufficiently large at 66 participants. They defined the intended outcome as fat lost as measured in inches lost.

If you feel like a pioneer in trying Vevazz or LED light-based contouring, understand the sheer number of Americans before you who have invested in cosmetic solutions through light-based devices. And it is not just Americans pursuing nonsurgical weight loss. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the light-based devices segment of the GLOBAL nonsurgical fat reduction devices is expected to reach $601.9 million by 2020.

Why So Many Vevazz Reviews Oklahoma City?

If you’re still wondering how Vevazz can make cellulite or stretch marks less noticeable, as well as achieve loss in circumference or fat absorption, know the answer lies in the technology.* Vevazz enables fully customizable LED wavelengths, allowing us to personalize a treatment depending on your individual aesthetic needs. Red wavelengths are great for addressing cellulite and wrinkles through fat loss and general skin tightening.* Meanwhile, green can address weight loss and cellulite.* Infrared can smooth out your stretch marks.* The versatility of the Vevazz LED light system enables Petra’s Massage Therapy to customize a treatment plan fitting your goals!

vevazz reviews oklahoma city

Vevazz Reviews by Real People*

The real test of Vevazz’s claims regarding their LED light therapy comes from real people. The loss of fat in the abdomen, love handles, arms, chin, thighs or anywhere fat accumulates is real.* Physical results on real bodies drive the positive testimony behind Vevazz LED light therapy.*

Mary was only 29 when she decided to pursue Vevazz as a body contouring and weight loss solution.* When she became a mother, the pressure to be a role model triggered her decision to work out and eat healthy:

“I have been married since 2005. Since then, I have gained a whopping 80 lbs.! I would like to blame having 3 kids, in such a short period of time, on my weight gain, but I can't. The fact is, my job got more sedentary, I started to cook more pastas and starchy meals and I slacked off on working out. The pounds just packed on, even before I started having kids. I have bounced around the scale my entire adult life. I have tried a lot of "diets" and gone through cycles of working out but, I have never stuck to them. Now that I am a mother and have to chase after 3 little ones, I realize how important it is for me to set a good example for my children. That includes eating healthy and staying active. So that is what I am doing now.”

As part of a weight loss program, she lost weight and kept it off. Vevazz helped Mary lose weight, alongside diet and exercise.*

If you are curious about how to lose weight, ask about our weight loss services and learn from our own Vevazz Reviews Oklahoma City. At Petra's Massage Therapy and Weight Loss, we offer Vevazz LED Light Therapy to help you achieve your weight loss goals!


*Results for each patient will vary. Please remember that the information provided will not guarantee your eligibility for treatment. Consultation and medical examination must be completed before approval.