Facial Masks

Facials For Every Concern

We offer a variety of refreshing facials to address an array of concerns. Whether you have a favorite treatment or need guidance on selecting the best options, our therapists can help you achieve the results you’re looking for in a spa treatment.

Seaweed Mud Detox Mask

Perfect for parched skin, a seaweed mask is full of minerals from the ocean. Bathe your face in vitamins and minerals to keep toxins at bay. Plus, the Seaweed Mud Detox Mask firms the skin while nourishing it.

Red Clay Anti-Wrinkle Mask

We offer many clay spa masks, but the Red Clay Anti-Wrinkle Mask is special. It contains iron to help rebalance skin and improve elasticity, leaving skin appearing smoother and tighter.


Weight Loss

 White French Clay Nourishment Mask

Gently soften, purify and cleanse sensitive skin. White French Clay is rich in silica, which absorbs toxins but won’t strip skin of oils. For soothing and softening, try the White French Clay Mask.

Dead Sea Mud Ant-Acne Mask

Quell inflammation and bacterial infections like acne, with the Dead Sea Mud Anti-Acne Facial. Dead Sea mud is loaded with minerals like magnesium, sodium and potassium. Its antimicrobial properties treat acne and calm breakouts.

Mud Mask

If you want a mask you can ‘feel’ working, consider a traditional Mud Mask. This mask shrinks the appearance of pores while cleansing and detoxifying the skin. Natural mud comforts the skin while imparting earthly minerals.

Nourish Rejuvenate Your Skin

Spa masks are a great way to nourish skin and keep it looking its best. If you want skin that’s in top condition, look no further. Let us help you find the best spa facial treatment. Also consider a Light-Based Facial for a deeper treatment.

Other facial & masks we offer

Light Therapy Facials

Body & Foot Masks

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